Myths & Legends

Cultural heritage is an expression of ourselves, formed by many generations before us and sculpting the identity of generations to come. It dictates many of our customs, practices, artistic impressions and values. Our cultural heritage is intertwined in our music, our languages, our mythology and religion. Our tangible heritage, history and culture in the form of monuments, shrines, churches, mosques and landmarks are permanent reminders of the importance of understanding and knowing one’s heritage.

In order to understand cultural heritage, a person must see the value in it. By valuing their own cultural heritage, they begin to care about it and enjoy it more. Once they enjoy it, their heritage becomes much easier to understand and absorb.

The project “Adopt Your Heritage” brings together 6 organisations from the UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey to help young people become more aware of their cultural prosperity, their identity and characteristics, embedding this knowledge into future generations.

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