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Cultural heritage is an expression of ourselves, formed by many generations before us and sculpting the identity of generations to come. It dictates many of our customs, practices, artistic impressions and values. Our cultural heritage is intertwined in our music, our languages, our mythology and religion. Our tangible heritage, history and culture in the form of monuments, shrines, churches, mosques and landmarks are permanent reminders of the importance of understanding and knowing one's heritage. In order to understand cultural heritage, a person must see the value in it. By valuing their own cultural heritage, they begin to care about it and enjoy it more. Once they enjoy it, their heritage becomes much easier to understand and absorb.

The project ‘’ADOPT YOUR HERITAGE ‘’ brings together 3 organisations and 3 schools from UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey to help young people become more aware of their cultural prosperity, their own identity and characteristics, embedding this knowledge into future generations.The partners in this project have expressed a need to promote cultural heritage not just in their schools but at a local, regional and national level through the Erasmus+ programme. By creating a wider network of teachers, youth workers and young people, the project will further the participants understanding of their own heritage while at the same time shaping and forging a common European identity through the realisation of the similarities between neighbouring countries and embracing their cultural differences.

Our Approach

Our Story

Teachers and youth workers will research new innovative and effective teaching methods (integrating ICT in teaching, educational apps, active teaching methods, project-based learning, cooperative and peer-learning, game-based learning, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary lessons and activities). They will study the pedagogical and methodological teaching of cultural heritage, read the latest articles, select the best methods and teaching tools that can be used in the activities during the project and in the classroom. They will create new lesson plans which will also be available in a digital MP4 format to be used as an educative tool in the teaching of cultural heritage.

The participants of this project will be made up of students aged 15 -20 years old. During the project’s life cycle, young people will become searchers, analysts, writers, video makers, journalists...etc They will search and learn about their cultural heritage both tangible and intangible, share information with their peers from other countries, create e-magazines, discovery programmes, tourist guides, brochures and a mobile app created by the participants and available to the public during and after the project has ended.

The project will raise awareness about the cultural prosperity in their communities and in those of their peers. The students will develop new skills such as social responsibility, communication, problem-solving, initiative, creativity, planning, teamwork, flexibility, tolerance and acceptance towards different cultures.

Teachers/youth workers will learn about the cultures and lifestyles of their colleagues in Europe and immerse themselves in interculturalism. Implementation of new pedagogical strategies and the use of new teaching materials acquired during the project will lead to changes in the curriculum, introducing an optional school curriculum that will be based on the ideas implemented in this project.

We are confident that not only the participant organisations but also the communities in the partners’ cities and country will benefit from our experience particularly in the implementation of the ideas of the project. The establishment of contacts with international schools will increase the educational level of students and help the integration of young people in Europe. At an international level, we will have the opportunity to introduce the uniqueness of each partner’s traditions and culture to the group. The project will emphasise the students’ learning of cultures, channelled in a positive way. The added value of the project will be the building of lasting partnership with the participating organisations, the development of transnational cooperation and future implementation of intercultural dialogue and exchange of best practices.

We believe that, in accordance with the "Lifelong Learning" strategy, our project will strengthen the communication between our organisations, educational representatives, local and international structures.
This project will further the aims of the European Commission’s year of cultural heritage 2018.

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